Friday, November 12, 2010



Bodies beguiled and hung on darkened vintage
death epitomized in hand carved wooden frames
models of planes contrived for powerful killing
chronicled weapons laid out on display

visions of Auschwitz flaunt Stuthof and Dresden
discerning history’s genocidal flares
inferring history’s blatant incarnations
killing machine descendents feign ensnared

tyrants evince pride through social bondage
labor intensive servitudes inflame
governments endue a sullied freedom
slavery hovels death’s surmised disdain

archeologists tell our gruesome story
photographers expose our flagrant wars
Africa, Europe, North and South America
museums collect the ugliness of it all

curators brandish genocide’s repugnance
patrons lexical genocidal pains
artist flaunt the history of our lineage
a chattel sold, an economical gain

lessons learned abstain from social justice
no captured joy amidst the archived pain
atrocities now pictures hung for viewing
museums foretell our lessons learned in vain

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