Friday, December 10, 2010



Youthful fluids rush
her aging body
immoral pleasures storm
her evil soul
wickedness bestows
an inapt darkness
lustful forces
grasp engage control

Iniquities flaunt
deities of satan
a naked boy
a sullied bathroom floor
for love of teacher
educator mentor
a virgin’s sperm
a classroom savvy whore

A cold forbidding sky
now in the making
blood drenched and bruised
a young boy heads for home
in lieu of love
compassion, understanding
he’s left adrift
and raped
he’s all alone




Be still my love

the pain shall pass
as pleasures bliss
beguiles you to
my side

your painful cries
will hypnotize
as threats of death

I’ve killed you once
my precious

I’ll kill you yet again

you’ll die
a thousand deaths
and more
before this madness ends

be still my slave
my puppet

we’re doing this my way

spread wide your legs
and smile –

that’s right

I speak and you obey




I feel your fingers
gently maneuvering
along my inner thigh,
warm against my brand
new cotton gown.

No! Not again!

I’ll tell this time
I swear I will.

Everyone will know
and you will die!

Loving hands fondle
my never touch place,
hard knuckles stroking back
and forth, in and out,
making me sad all over,

I’ll cry this time,
they’ll see the tears
I swear they will.

Everyone will know
and you will die!

Passionately your tongue presses hard
against my dried and broken lips,
ripping and tearing with
every thrust,

I can scream
I know I can,
Someone will hear me
they’ve got to hear me,

Stop! Please stop!
I’ll tell this time
I swear I will.

Everyone will know
and you will die!

voices in the hall,
I hear them,
they are coming
they will stop you!

They’ll see my tears,
they’ll hear my screams,

Everyone will know
and you will die!

“Good morning ma’am”

“Good morning and
how is she today?”

“still no change ma’am,
still no change.”