Sunday, November 10, 2013


I thought we’d like
the same music
read the same books
see the same movies
I was wrong

I thought short of merit
our lives would dance freely
in our own clumsy way
we’d see ourselves
in one another
 I thought

I thought candle light and flowers
would swirl waves of passion
we’d like the same wine
confront the same dogmas

thought you’d be love’s metaphor
the imagery I fashioned
we’d be souls entwined in time
inseparable together
 I was wrong

thought I’d never be bored
thought I’d never be lonely
thought your touch
would make me tremble
thought our love
would warm and cuddle

thought what’s yours
would be mine
thought what’s mine
would be ours

thought I’d free myself
to be myself
thought I’d see myself
in you
I was wrong

From "EMBRACE" by Shirley Howard Hall
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