Friday, July 1, 2011



I pledge allegiance to the nation that was,
To my forefather's plan for a democratic ride.
To "We the People", to "Fourscore and Seven"
To the liberty bell's underground.

And to the violent republic for which we stood,
(The one that took innocent lives.)
To Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Sudan
(We are told it's for freedom they die.)

One nation under God has changed a bit,
The umbrella's tilted south,
Instead of interring the blacks and the reds,
We're attacking the bronze and the brown.

Indivisible with liberty we stand our ground,
Inequality and separatism abide.
Our blue collar heroes die wrongful deaths,
While our white collar leaders survive.

And justice for all is a thing of the past,
No more room for the tired and the poor.
Lady Liberty's light shines dimmer now,
Humbled masses seek alternate shores

In spite of the path we aimlessly tread,
We are still one man one vote.
It still reads, "We the people",
It still says "In God We Trust".

So I pledge allegiance to liberty and justice
And "to the republic for which it stands."(¹)
To "one nation under God indivisible." (¹)
Every child, every woman, every man.

I pledge to stand up for the red, white and blue
To prove that our banner yet waves.
To endlessly fight for freedom and peace
In this land we call free, we call brave.

(¹)"Pledge of Allegiance"

From the book: "ONE DAY" by Shirley Howard Hall

Sunday, June 26, 2011



Satan stages his murderous cry
agents of genocide rise and comply
rapist, slayers, predators, whores
permeate Darfur’s shores.

Pray to your demons of high and low
follow your leaders wherever they go
the snake of death, the weapon of choice
in their screams and pains rejoice.

Now reap and weed revelations joys
rape and molest young girls and boys
transcend nations both near and far
despoil wreck and pillage Darfur.

Disregard governments, armies, and clans
snub out the glorified fife and drum bands
there’ll be no resisters to stay the attack
federations ignore black on black.

Fight within Satan’s reach and control
board the stage and play the role
make savage love to the mad and wild
be blessed with Satan’s child.

Evil surely doth dwell within
sin is often ones closest friend
dance upon iniquity’s star
their bodies and souls to mar.



Sunday, April 17, 2011



you eradicated my very existence
divested me of all
that was good in my life
amputated my freedoms
pilfered my citizenship
labeled me terrorist
radical activist
deported me vicariously

in the name
of homeland security
confiscated my happiness
smitten my wife and child
exiled and forsaken me
to a land I’ve never seen
to a tongue I’ve never spoken

I patriot
wartime veteran
born upon the humbled shores
of this great nation
did I not fret the drudgery
of your illegal wars
slave within the
bowels of your blackened mines
does my man-child not
bear the names
of your great leaders

I beg thee
in the name
of homeland security

rip the breath
from my asbestos filled lungs
singe the lesions from
my cancerous skeleton
bash this skull
of post-traumatic disorders

the gates of hell
are far more beguiling
than to be labeled terrorist
exiled and deported
to a land
I’ve never seen
to a tongue
I’ve never spoken