Saturday, January 19, 2013


In 1929 a child was born
in a small backward town
on a cold windy morn.
the son of a man of God so sworn
to spread good tidings and hopes freeborn.

This boy child grew in statue and mind
and developed a love of all mankind.
this love was taught throughout the south
and equality preached through word of mouth.

He wanted a world that lay at peace
he wanted the prejudice to cease
he wanted the north and south to meet
on a highway to glory
aboard a heavenly fleet.

In a peaceful tenure the war begun,
some battles were lost while others were won.
a few folks decided their lives to give
so their brothers and sisters could someday live.
this leader of men and women alike
was tortured and beaten yet refused to fight.

Then one quiet day when all seemed well
a chartered demon ascended from hell,
he fired one shot of hatred and scorn
he placed an entire nation in mourn.

That morning in Memphis a body lay cold.
an irreplaceable creature strong fearless and bold.

Martin Luther king Junior died in 68.
had his purpose been served or was it fate
that took this great leader at the peak of his war
that for a million people closed an open door.

The year is nineteen seven and nine
this is the day, this is the time,
to join our hands and show that we care
to show we remember and whisper a prayer

For peace.


From the book "ONE DAY" by Shirley Howard Hal. 
Available on all e-readers and from your local bookstorel

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