Tuesday, January 17, 2012



His dream is our democratic awakening
Through peaceful demonstration we celebrate the man
Inspired by his principles and teachings
In the spirit of his dream we make our stand

His message for jobs is our message
His war opposition our theme
His belief in social justice and equality
the root of our movements beliefs

The quality of humanity stands threatened
wealth inequality eradicates our core
Our middle class drifts into large black holes
As starvation wages despoil

The poorest of poor grow poorer
While corporations as people grow rich
Political undertones rape voter rights
Inequality in education still exists

Race has no place in American rights and laws
Poverty has no right to our shores
Disproportion can no longer bulldoze our dreams
Imbalance won’t pillage our core

His movement is now our movement
His message of resolution our text
We occupy for jobs peace and freedom
We occupy for equality and truth

He marched for economic justice
We occupy to flush corporate greed
Void violence he marched for freedom and peace
Void violence we occupy for change

By: Shirley Howard Hall

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