Sunday, June 26, 2011



Satan stages his murderous cry
agents of genocide rise and comply
rapist, slayers, predators, whores
permeate Darfur’s shores.

Pray to your demons of high and low
follow your leaders wherever they go
the snake of death, the weapon of choice
in their screams and pains rejoice.

Now reap and weed revelations joys
rape and molest young girls and boys
transcend nations both near and far
despoil wreck and pillage Darfur.

Disregard governments, armies, and clans
snub out the glorified fife and drum bands
there’ll be no resisters to stay the attack
federations ignore black on black.

Fight within Satan’s reach and control
board the stage and play the role
make savage love to the mad and wild
be blessed with Satan’s child.

Evil surely doth dwell within
sin is often ones closest friend
dance upon iniquity’s star
their bodies and souls to mar.



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